Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Me No Like Packing & Goodbyes

It's 17 Dec. That means 4 more days to go and I'm going to meet my family in Italy.
Excited to see my mom and my lil bro (and my dad again). After his conference in Poland, he came to Copenhagen for a couple days.

Anyway, so I'm done with school. My last oral exam was on Monday and was hard!Thanks to my awesome group members for the encouraging words. I wasn't feeling good that time because I can't stop thinking about my camera *hiks I lost it. I really hope it will come back to me because there were so many pictures from the last day at my church. :(

Okay..positive yes, I'm in the middle of packing and saying goodbyes to my friends here. It's not easy. It's been almost 5 months and it's just amazing to see in such a short time, I met many inspiring people here. My church, my cool Danish group members, Logos' ship crews, CBS friends and many more!! Seriously, I wish I could just record my voice saying "Goodbye friend. Nice to know you." and replay it for my friends. So, I don't need to say a word.

Well, who knows? Maybe I'll come back to Denmark :)
Jan 2, I'll be in Eugene. Moving, unpacking and adjusting.

ps: Mom, can you come here and help me packing?

Nativity story in the Logos Hope ship.
I went to the ship before starting to study for my exams. Hoho...
Forever Gloria! choir at First International Baptist Church.
A beautiful ending :)
.Dad with his gløgg (warm wine with raisins and almonds). We just had dinner at Nyhavn. Thanks Dad for the dinner! ;)

After a stressful oral exam, we decided to celebrate with ice skating at the Kongens Ntrov.
Went to the Amalienborg with Dad during his last minute in Copenhagen.

Friday, December 5, 2008

Nørrebro Cemetery

December is here already!Wow, 26 days to 2009. Are you ready???
Well, I can't wait for my winter break. This week, the European business, international marketing, cultural communication and event managemet became my besties!Woohh...

Last week, I took some pictures at a cemetery at Nørrebro. The white snow makes it more prettier.
Enjoy the pictures! ~ it takes a long time to add images on my blog so...hehe..i'll just give the link of my picasa album, okay? :)

My dad is planning to come to visit me next weekend. He's in Poland at a conference now. He is really excited to see the Little Mermaid. I told him already it's really not a big thing *haha. But, is part of Denmark. :)

I'm going to leave Denmark in 16 more days *sigh. Thinking about this makes me sad. Most of my friends who are studying abroad here are also leaving pretty soon. I'm going to miss them! :(
But, yeah...can't wait to see my mom, dad and my brother in Italy!Woohoo....any suggestions where I should go in Italy??Even though it's going to be cold, gelato bars will still be on my list! ;p

Happy Winter!

Friday, November 21, 2008

Tillykke med Fødselsdagen

Happy (Belated) Birthday to Me!

Now, I'm 21...wooh, my aunt said it's time for me to use eye cream. Well, I guess I'll just wait. I think cucumber still works, don't you think?

Wow, almost a month I haven't been uploading new posts! So sorry about that. My school is getting crazier. And I don't travel that much. While, I'm writing this post, the weather is -1 celcius. Oh my...and it snowed today! do Danish people celebrate their birthdays? Of course you will have your birthday cake with candles. AND also Danish mini flag on top of your cake! :) Yup, they sell it at groceries stores. I need to bring it to Eugene! :)

My birthday was really quiet and nice. It ended with a surprise too! While I was practicing piano at church, two of my friends, Pei Yun and Brittany came to celebrate my birthday! Wury made scones and potstickers too. And then....Frieda came with a chocolate cake topped with choco frosting. Mmm....Thank you my dear friends! :)

I also made enchiladas for my birthday lunch. Polish roommate tried enchiladas for the first time and she loves it!Mmm...enchiladas, choco cake, scones, potstickers, and many more!I also got birthday cards from my grandma and my friends. Mange tak for your wishes and prayers! :)

my birthday enchiladas! ;)

me & my birthday cake

my lovely friends with lovely homemade scones!

me and frieda who made the choco cake!

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

The Ship of Hope

Have you heard of Logos Hope? It's one of the ships owned by the OM Ships International.
It's still under construction (it's almost done!). And I'm so lucky to be on board for a couple hours to meet the crews and even see the engine room!

Brings knowledge, help and hope
That's is the purpose of the OM Ships. Their vision is to impact the life of every visitor with the Good News of God's love. Everytime the ship stops in a country, the crews won't be inside the ship all the time. They go meet the local people and spread the gospel. They want to be involve with the locals too.

Last Saturday, I came to see the ship along with my church. When we arrived, we were greeted with the crews (not all of them of course, the total crews are almost 350 people). It was really awesome to see how God brings people from different countries to be together in a ship and sail for 2 years to spread the gospel!

The ship is open to public. They also have a book fair inside the ship. So, if you know that one of the OM Ships are in your country, you should visit and see inside the ship. It's really cool! You'll be inspired by the crews stories. I was really touched to hear their stories and their willingness to serve the Lord. Seriously, being in this ship it's not that easy. You will leave your family, your friends, and your comfort zone!

Are you interested to join them? Go to their website: Logos Hope

Click here to see more pictures!(please let me know if this link is not working! ;p)

Friday, October 24, 2008


While I'm waiting for my laundry (tips: go early in the morning, not many students want to do their laundry at 8 am), I thought hmm...I didn't share enough about my school in Copenhagen.

Copenhagen Business School (CBS), is a private university. According to their website, CBS is one of the largest business schools in Northern Europe. How big is CBS? There are almost 16,000 students (it's always difficult to find a seat in library or in cafetaria).

1. Buildings
CBS has 7 buildings located in different places in the city. If you have 2 classes in different buildings, hoho, you better bring your bike or run as fast as you can! ;)

2. Schedule (oh how I miss Duckweb!)
CBS is in semester term. You need to be careful reading the CBS class schedule because not all your classes start in the same week. I only have 1 class in the first two weeks. After that, my other class starts. And 5 weeks later, my 2 other classes start because these classes are Q2 (Q2 means classes start after mid semester).
So yes, I had many free times before and now...I have 4 classes which means...more readings and less free time! ;)

3. Mascots
CBS has no mascot. Their color is blue and white. Sports here is not as big as in the UO. There are sports club and they usually play with other universities. But, not like in the UO where students and alumni come together to support their school team.

4. Test
Usually, in the UO, oral exam is for students who take language class. In CBS, there are classes that has oral exam for your final exam. For my classes, I will have 2 open-book exam for 4 hours!I can bring my laptop (i'm not sure if I can access the internet during the exam..haha). The others will be group projects and oral exam (15-20 minutes). Oh my...I'm a little bit anxious about this since this is new to me.

5. Independent study
In here, you are expected to be an independent student. There are no office hours for you to talk to teachers. If you have questions, bring them to the class or post the questions on Site Scape (it's like Blackboard). Teachers can't tell you how they will grade you. My teacher said "It's not legal for me to tell you how much percentage the projects weigh". Interesting huh? And there are soooo many readings. The library is always crowded with students studying for hours. Attendance won't affect your grade too. Piuhhhh.. ;)

Anyway, did I tell you that I went to Tivoli again? Last week, they opened for Halloween. And now, they close again. They should have opened it until next week. But yeah, it was so fun! Tivoli was filled with pumpkins. Woohhh....

Danish flag is always everywhere. You can find them on birthday cakes, Christmas tree or even on candies.
The 1st winner of the biggest pumpkin contest. It weighs 335 kilos!! My oh many pumpkin pie you can make?

That's why I love Tivoli!


There were long lines at the entrance. It was really crowded!

I will come back to Tivoli. Actually, I got the season pass so I can come everyday! Well, they will open again in the middle of November for Christmas season! Yayy...!

Thursday, October 16, 2008

The Birthplace of HC Andersen

Remember The Little Mermaid, Thumbelina or The Little Match Girl?
These well-known fairy tales was written by Hans Christian Andersen. He was born in April 2, 1805 at Odense. Odense is the main city of Funen island. I went there by train on Monday with two of my friends, Wury and Brittany. It was a 1 1/2 hour train trip from København H station to Odense station.

While we're on the train, we're reading Odense map of tourist attractions and Lonely Planet's Denmark book. And...we realized that many museums are closed on Monday!Oh no!What should we do in a small town for 5 hours? After we arrived, we went to the Tourist Information office. And, whew...because it's the mid semester break, all museums are open!

Now, Odense is a small town with 158,163 inhabitants (thank you, wikipedia!). It reminds me of Eugene! Eugene has almost 154,000 people. I didn't find any Cafe Yumm or Chapala's at Odense. ;p

Odense is a fun town. You'll see many cute and nice restaurants. We went to the HC Andersen Hus to take pictures in front of Andersen's house. All houses in that area are so cute. Small houses with cute colours. I felt like I'm in a hobbit's village! There are many shopping stores at the central town.

After walking around the central town, we decided we want to eat and try Odense delicacies. Well, we found ice cream place that sells ice cream 2 scoops for 10 kr ($2)! Woohoo, we were so happy. :) I got chocolate hazelnut and strawbery sorbet. Mmm...We only have 45 minutes left before our train to Copenhagen leaves. We passed a Mexican restaurant, El Torito.

And yes...we had nachos and Mexican tomato soup at Odense. There are no Chapala's but El Torito helped three of us, who really miss Mexican food, to end our trip to the birthplace of HC Andersen. Woohooo!!

Btw, after we left El Torito, we're making plans for having Thanksgiving dinner and also a Mexican food night. Anybody wants to join us?

Can you see HC Andersen icon on the green light?

Me in front of the house of HC Andersen. In December, in front of his house, there will be a Christmas market where you can find Christmas decorations and seasonal drinks.

Ok, I only have 2 pictures. *What?????
Hehe. Uploading pictures on my blog takes lots of time. So, I uploaded them on my picasa website. You don't need any g-mail account to see the album - Odense Trip. Let me know if it doesn't work. Enjoy!!

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Visiting the Neighbors!

There are many ways to travel cheap. Yes, yes. You just need to ask and open your eyes. So, my friend told me that there's this pass called Around the Sound that you can only purchase in Sweden. Øresund bridge connects Denmark and Sweden. The pass includes a one-way train ticket from Copenhagen (Denmark) to Malmö (Sweden), a one-way ferry ticket from Helsingborg (Sweden) to Helsingor (Denmark), trains and busses for 2 days for a seriously good price.

Me and Pei Yun (she's my travel buddy) took a train from Copenhagen Central station. Guess what, I had to come back to my dorm to get my passport. The information lady said that I need to bring it. But don't need it. Huhu, wasted 1 1/2 hour for that! ;)

Sweden is cheaper compare to Denmark. If you want to go shopping, go to Sweden. But, Swedish people come to Denmark to buy alcohol. They said it's much cheaper. When we arrived at Malmö, it's true that food & clothing are cheaper. Shopping time!! *at the end of our trip, we didn't get anything though...;p

A brigde next to the Malmö central station. This town is not as big as we thought.

Swedish meatballs
We ate this wonderful dish at a Mexican restaurant. I found that funny. ;p

St Petri kryka (St Peter's Church)
The oldest building in Malmö from 12th century.

Inside the St Peter's church

Amazing. I can't stop looking at these beautiful art!

This is just breathtaking! Really wanted to come closer and touch it (can't do it!).

The Malmöhus Castle
At first, it was a castle. But after Malmö became Swedish, it was used as a prison. Sad :(

A view of the Turning Torso tower from the Malmöhus castle.

The Lund's Cathedral from 12th century.

A huge astronomical clock at the Lund's Cathedral.

Candles of prayers

The altar of Lund's Cathedral

It's an old well at the crypt of the Lund's cathedral.

Forget to bring cash for offertory? Just swipe your card!
You can even donate for charity groups.

Remember the Subway's commercial? "5 dollar foot long..."
Well, it's actually 8 dollar foot long in Sweden.

At Helsingborg
Waiting for the ferry to bring us back to Denmark! Bye Sweden!